Our vision and our ideas are green.
The economy of the future will be green.

In the beginning of the 21st century, as a global community we are standing on the brink of imminent economic and social changes whose key components will be ecological consciousness and environmental responsibility.

As a result, every company everywhere will need to adopt eco-friendly measures and solutions if they want to achieve marketing success and remain competitive.

Every business knows that the customer is king. As public concern over economy and environmental issues continues to grow in these uncertain times, this king is becoming increasingly more aware that a greener lifestyle presents favorable and sustainable long-term benefits for everyone and the planet.

TreeMotion helps newly established green businesses and organizations pave a safe way to effective recognition, stronger presence and lasting impact in this rapidly growing and increasingly more competitive sustainable business sector.

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Who is TreeMotion?

We are a small, international team of people who share creative potential and genuine belief that responsibility towards the environment is a morally just and economically stable way to a more secure world for us and future generations.

Several years ago, when concern over environmental issues was nearly non-existent in the mainstream media, we began thinking of green ideas and projects that would grow into something meaningful and beneficial in a long-term perspective. TreeMotion was born as a result of our work and our love for this planet that we all share.

TreeMotion is based in Tokyo, Japan.