TreeMotion writes film stories that critically focus on today's social and environmental issues on a global scale and deliver bold and honest messages to motivate and inspire audiences towards positive thinking about nature and people.

We have been developing film stories thoroughly over a period of several years with intent to be made into animated motion pictures. Our flagship story Beyond the Rainbow includes a complete screenplay and preliminary concept design of main characters. We are looking to partner with film production companies and agencies who are interested in production. Please contact us for inquiries.

Beyond the Rainbow

A fantasy tale about a young druid who sets on a dangerous journey against an evil tyrant in an effort to save the very last of the wetlands from an environmental catastrophe that threatens the entire planet. Beyond the Rainbow is set in a world that in many ways mirrors our society and the world in which we live. Includes complete screenplay.
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White Flock

Our present-day lifestyle has brought us to the point where animals are left without any respect and used as means for generating profit. We have taken away their personality and dignity. White Flock is a story that hides nothing. Includes complete screenplay.


In the 36th century, the climate crisis forces humans to adapt their bodies to extreme living conditions. Life is now possible only within a thin belt around the equator and in settlements deep beneath the sea level.The battle for survival gets tougher when a comet carrying the seed of evil hits the Earth and crashes into one of the thousands of radioactive waste depositories under the sea. Includes complete screenplay.

Earth Protector

A science-fiction tale about Yan, a paleonthologist, and princess Nomi, the protector of the Earth, who together travel through time and space to fight against the invasion from outer space. Includes complete screenplay.