Visual communication solutions

As a newly established green business, you aim to grow with people who share your passion and your vision, people who feel and think the same way you do.

We can equip your company with a high-impact identity that will stregthen your position in the global green industry. Our services include all forms of brand content: corporate identity design, logo and stationery, product packaging, brochures, posters, high-end illustration, web design & programming.

Character & mascot concept design

Green business has two key advantages over conventional business because it:

1) targets a market that is rapidly growing,
2) creates positive impact on people and the environment.

With this in mind, we design fictional characters that meet your criteria and the way the green market expects from them -- alive, strong in expression and attractive in appearance. We can come up with an eye-catching character that will best identify with your services and create a lasting, meaningful relationship with your customers.