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Since the beginning of mankind, rainbows have always stirred human imagination. Numerous legends have spoken about their powers and mysteries. No one knows where a rainbow starts and where it ends. It’s a natural work of art, a blend of the four basic elements of life: air, water, earth and fire. Fundamentally, Beyond the Rainbow centers around these essential elements, the sources of life that we are a part of. In this epic tale, a young druid sets on a dangerous journey against an evil tyrant in an effort to save the very last of the wetlands from an environmental holocaust that threatens the entire planet.

Beyond the Rainbow includes a complete screenplay filled with suspension, action and genuine comedy, combined with a memorable psychological interpretation of the main characters. The engaging plot will transport the audience of all ages into a fantasy world plunged into an environmental catastrophe that in many bold and creative ways draws a parallel with our society and the world we live in. The story goes beyond the typical good-versus-evil archetype to bring a powerful moral message that raises awareness about the pollution of air, water and soil, destruction of forests and wetlands, and killing of animals and plants. Beyond the Rainbow approaches the environmental crisis like no other story in the past and shows what can happen if we keep drifting in the current direction with no respect for nature and its resources.


In a world beyond the rainbow, thousands of years of wars and senseless destruction of natural resources have left most the planet as a lifeless, toxic wasteland. Only one small place, called Wetland, has remained untouched. This isolated world is the source of Holy Water – the origin of life – and the place where rainbows are born. Wetland and its inhabitants, the peaceful Floris, are protected by an invisible shield of Mother Nature. For centuries, the shield has prevented the Groks, the dominant race, from invading the home of the Floris and destroying their land.

Every 3000 years, deep inside Wetland in a crater of a dead volcano, one of the four daughters of Mother Nature arises from the Lake of Holy Water to enthrone a druid who will become the new guardian of the land. During this ritual, the old guardian gives the pouches of Holy Water, Air, Earth and Fire to his heir who gains supernatural powers. For a brief moment, at the peak of the ceremony, the Wetland’s protective shield becomes weaker, giving Tyrus, the king of the Groks, a long-awaited opportunity to destroy natural balance in Wetland by abducting the princess. For the first time in centuries, the entire Wetland is plunged into a dark, frozen world without a trace of life as everyone is buried underneath an expanding mass of thick ice. Everyone except Flo, the new guardian of Wetland, who manages to avoid the apocalypse on top of the volcano.

Determined to rescue the princess and bring life back to Wetland, the young courageous Flo sets on an adventurous quest through the rainbow trails to the polluted, hostile kingdom of Tabes, the land of the Groks. On his journey, he befriends a small droid named 2TO who helps him locate Princess Aquelia by intercepting Tyrus’ communication. After escaping from an almost certain death at a waste depository, together they make their way further into the enemy territory. While being chased by Tyrus and his army, their only weapons are the four basic elements of life – the pouches of Holy Water, Air, Earth and Fire – whose powers inflict great damage to the enemy. Through deserts and oil fields, their way leads them into Geoda, the vast underworld of colorful crystals and minerals, where they meet king Arkos and his people, the Geods. With their help, after a high-speed ride through the golden pathways of the underworld, they travel through a tunnel of molten lava to finally reach Tyrus’ island where the jailed princess awaits her death. Avoiding the Grok fleet of battleships, Flo and 2TO penetrate through the island and rescue the princess. In this battle, Tyrus gains incredible energy and power that transforms him into a gigantic rampaging robot on its way to destroy Wetland.

The final showdown occurs on top of the volcano, where Flo, using only his knowledge and bravery, eventually defeats the robotic Tyrus by sneaking into his mechanical brain and repairing his emotional sector. Joined in love, Flo and Princess Aquelia, restore nature on the entire planet. The old enemies unite and begin a new life in harmony that promises them a happy and peaceful future.


Flo: a young druid, heir to the guardian of Wetland. His bravery and faith in living in harmony with nature help him unite two opposing civilizations.

Tyrus: A tyrant, the ruler of the Groks, motivated by power and greed. His objective: total control of the planet and erasing every trace of nature. To reach his goals, he would sacrifice even his own people.

2TO: A not-so-smart droid with rare ability to morph into non-living objects. He befriends and accompanies Flo throughout his quest to rescue Princess Aquelia.

Princess Aquelia: The princess of water, one of the four daughters of Mother Nature.

General Ursa: A sly, frustrated military general and Tyrus' top advisor who obeys his every order.

Prince Pheros: The Prince of Geoda, the Underworld, who helps Flo escape from Tyrus' army.

The Floris: Tolerant and peaceful civilization, protectors of nature.

The Groks: Demented, corrupt, stressed civilization whose only objective is to destroy everything natural on the planet.

The Geods: An isolated civilization of the Underworld.


Flo is an animated character of a distinct visual appearance that symbolizes the link between nature and humanity.

- The anatomy of the character is a synthesis of human, animal, and plant-like features.

- The leaf on top of Flo's head as well as his cape symbolize the flora of our planet.

The body's bright green color suggests a healthy way of living.

- Flo is a friendly, righteous, self-confident, humorous, and tenacious fighter for the common good.

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